Alpine has now become an electric car company – new EV sports car jointly developed with Lotus announced

The “Renaulution” has begun. That is what the Renault Group is calling its new business strategy, which will see some radical changes made to restore the company’s competitiveness. Among the many brands parked under the group, Alpine will undergo a significant transformation that will see it become a 100% EV brand.

To support the move, the French niche marque will leverage on the scale and capabilities of the Renault Group and the Alliance (including Nissan and Mitsubishi), with the CMF-B and CMF-EV platforms set to underpin several vehicles.

Three of these vehicles are teased in an image nestled within the 82-page Renaulution presentation, with the one labelled “for me” appearing to be a small EV tailored for city use. This is followed by a crossover-like vehicle “for us” and a sports car “for the weekend.”

The sports car on the far right is particularly interesting as it looks to be a direct successor to the existing A110 by the look of the front lighting setup. Curiously, the other two cars also sport a similar arrangement, giving us a first look at the family face of the upcoming Alpine range.

The Alpine sports car will also involve Lotus, with the latter announcing a technical collaboration to jointly develop the new EV sports car teased here. The tie-up makes sense given Lotus’ expertise when it comes to making high-performance EVs, as we’ve seen with the Evija.

The deal will first see a comprehensive feasibility study be conducted, as well as an exploration into the development of a joint services offer that combines the engineering expertise of both companies. A collaboration to leverage Alpine’s motorsport platform covering Formula One to Formula E and Endurance is also under study.

Beyond these plans, the Renault Group also stated in its release that Alpine will combine with its Renault Sport Cars performance and Renault Sport Racing motorsport divisions into a “fully-fledged, new lean and smart entity, dedicated to developing exclusive and innovative sports cars.” The end goal here is to become profitable in 2025, including investment in motorsport.

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