Some of the RS 457’s accessories are remarkably affordable but most are surprisingly expensive.

One of the few things we were waiting to hear about when it comes to the Aprilia RS 457 were the prices for the various accessories that the company had announced along with the bike. Well those numbers are now out and some of them may come as a shock.,The one accessory that we’ve really wanted to know the price of was the optional quickshifter and this will be priced at Rs 27,799, which is undoubtedly very steep. Items like the tyre pressure monitoring system, front brake lever protector and anti-theft system all cost almost Rs 30,000 each.,We are given to understand that these accessories are not manufactured in India. However, that does not change the fact that these are high prices that one would normally associate with imported big bikes.,Also See:,Aprilia RS 457 vs KTM RC 390 comparison review,On the other hand, some items are pleasantly affordable. The taller windscreen, for example, is priced at a very reasonable Rs 899, and we expect to see this being a popular option for customers. Other affordable accessories include the passenger seat cowl (Rs 1499) and a USB charger (949).,Take a look at the full list of prices below and let us know what you think. We’re curious to hear which of these you think are must-have accessories and which simply aren’t worth the asking price.

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