TVS iQube Electric Reaches The World's Highest EV Charging Station

This new EV charging station is arranged at a height of 3,720m – It is arrangement by goEgoNetwork, who guarantee that this is the most elevated EV charging station on the planet 

goEgoNetwork, a Pune-based organization has set up two EV chargers for two and four wheelers in Kaza. Situated in the province of Himachal Pradesh, in the locale of Lahaul and Spiti. This undertaking was an area of the planet Zero Emission Day festivities and a piece of the Government of India's Make-in-India strategy. 

World's most elevated electric vehicle (EV) charging station is an offered to advance electric vehicle framework in Himachal Pradesh. Its introduction was set apart by a Mission 0 Emission ride dispatched from Manali to Kaza with two TVS iQube bikes which was ridden by two lady bikers Ms. Maanvi Rawlley, Marketing Communication Specialist at goEgoNetwork, and Ms. Pratiksha Das, cruiser force to be reckoned with from Mumbai. The riders went through the Manali-Kaza course disregarding the Kunzum-La Pass. 

TVS iQube Electric Scooter Ride To Kaza 

The EV accusing station was introduced of Bharat AC and Dual Socket Type 2 charger and has established a standard of being the world's most noteworthy EV charging stations (at 3,800m) in Kaza, Spiti valley. The two TVS iQube electric bikes didn't experience any issue while crossing the Kunzum Pass, which is at an elevation of 4,551m. 

The two riders covered the distance of 320 kms from Manali to Kaza by charging their TVS iQube EVs at 3 focuses. The bikes took on unfriendly climate conditions and uneven territory on the hazardous street from Manali to Kaza by means of Batal effortlessly. The ride was taken by these two ladies riders who additionally needed to scatter the legend that EVs are not down to earth for significant distance travel. 

Kaza Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Mahendra Pratap Singh, who introduced the EV charging station, expressed that this would spur individuals nearby to embrace utilization of electric vehicles. It would essentially assist with lessening auto emanations and secure the mountains which are environmentally delicate. 

Made-in-India EV Charging Station 

The setting up of this charging station came after protests were gotten from sightseers about there being no EV charging stations in Spiti Valley. It is additionally a piece of Government of India's vision to turning into a 100% EV country by 2030 and Pune based goEgoNetwork is focused on setting up more such charging stations at famous objections in the country. 

The Bharat AC and double attachment Type 2 chargers have a Made-in-India authentication and are in consistence with ARAI and OCA certificates. The fundamental charging station is situated at Hotel Dayzor and can be utilized for charging of all electric two and four wheelers. 

Access by means of goME App 

goEgoNetwork charging organizations can be gotten to through the goME App which can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store and assists clients with getting to the closest charging station by means of the fastest course. It additionally gives data on the kind of chargers and charging limit accessible at the station.

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