Perodua revises its 2021 sales target to 214,000 units – 10.8% reduction from its original 240,000-unit target

In light of the lengthy halt to sales and production as a result of extended lockdown measures, Perodua has revised its 2021 sales target to 214,000 units, down from the 240,000 units it announced at the start of the year.

The automaker had maintained that 240,000 unit call in early June when it revealed its May numbers, hut this was before the impact of the lockdown, which saw automotive sales and production being halted for around two and a half months, was felt. All of its operations were halted in accordance with the national lockdown introduced on June 1.

Last month, the company indicated it would be revising its sales target for the year, and despite selling 6,988 vehicles in August, the lack of time means it won’t be able to make up the numbers before the year is out, according to Perodua president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad. “Based on the time and resources available, we are reducing our sales target by 10.8% to 214,000 units for this year from our earlier target of 240,000 units,” he said.

Up to May, it was on track to meet the original target. Year-to-date sales for the first five months of 2021 was 96,281 units, 82% more than what it did in the same period last year. However, it sold just 1,009 units in June (from spillover registrations) and only 655 units in July. As of August, its sales count stands at 104,933 vehicles, a 12.5% drop compared to the 119,977 vehicles sold in the same period last year.

Zainal said the company was working on closing this gap by further increasing our manufacturing output as well as further improving our standard operating procedures. He added that the main priority of the company was to ensure that the industry will be able to sustain itself this year, given the impact of the pandemic and the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage.

He said that Perodua was able to secure enough to ensure production would progress smoothly this year, and reiterated that it expects to be able to deliver nearly all existing orders within the year.

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