Bajaj Auto Swaps Stake In KTM, Gets Share In Pierer Mobility

Pierer Mobility AG will expand stake in KTM AG 98.2%, while Bajaj gets 49.9% stake in PTW Holding AG, the larger part partner in KTM's parent organization. 

Bajaj Auto will oversee PTW Holding, the greater part partner in Pierer Mobility 


  • Bajaj Auto exchanges 46.5 % stake in KTM to PTW Holding AG 
  • PTW Holding AG is the greater part partner in Pierer Mobility AG 
  • Pierer Mobility AG will presently hold 98.2 % stake in KTM 

Bajaj Auto and KTM's parent organization Pierer Mobility have rebuilt their shareholdings in KTM through an offer trade bargain. Prior to the current arrangement, Bajaj Auto used to hold around 48% in KTM AG, while Pierer Mobility AG used to hold 52% stake. The adjustment of shareholding will prompt Pierer Mobility AG getting 98.2 percent stake in KTM, yet Bajaj Auto will likewise acquire by turning into a roundabout partner in different brands of the Austrian accomplice, including Husqvarna, GasGas and R Raymon. Under the arrangement, Bajaj Auto, through its Netherlands-based auxiliary Bajaj Auto International Holdings BV (BAIHBV) has moved 46.5 percent of the complete stake in KTM to PTW Holding AG, the greater part partner in Pierer Mobility AG. Consequently, BAIHBV has been conceded 49.9 percent stake in PTW Holding AG. 

"In an initial step finished today, BAIHBV traded 46.5% (out of its about 48%) stake in KTMAG, for a 49.9% stake in PTW Holding, subsequently turning into a value holder alongside Pierer lndustrie in PTW Holding," the Bajaj Auto said in an assertion. "In a second step PTW Holding will contribute the 46.5% stake in KTMAG to PMAG in return for 11,257,861 new offers in PMAG. 

This progression endorsed by PMAG's Management Board today is focused on for execution before end of October 2021 on endorsement of the PMAG Supervisory Board," added the assertion. 

The KTM 200 Duke was the principal made-in-India KTM when the original model was presented in 2012. Bajaj Auto right now fabricates a scope of KTM bikes from 125 cc to 390 cc motor relocation at its assembling office in Pune. 

Bajaj Auto's connections with KTM date back to 2007, when Bajaj Auto International Holdings BV bought a 14.5 percent stake in KTM. BAIHBV progressively expanded the stake to non-controlling offer by 2020, in the wake of dispatching the KTM 200 Duke in India in 2012, when the KTM brand was presented in India, with the primary made-in-India model. 

Both the made-in-India Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 and the Vitpilen 250 depend on the KTM 250 Duke. 

Right now, the tie-up incorporates Bajaj fabricating little dislodging KTM and Husqvarna bicycles at its assembling office in Maharashtra, with more than 10 items being presented on special in India, including two 250 cc models of the Husqvarna brand. Bajaj as of now has the Chetak electric bike, and as per reports, KTM and Husqvarna likewise have plans to make India an assembling center point for its electric bike range.

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