2022 Proton Iriz and Persona production quality audit – 87% better since 2017, now close to Geely, Volvo levels

The improvements on the facelifted 2022 Proton Iriz and Persona have been covered in detail, but it’s not just in terms of performance and features. Under all that veneer are quantifiable gains in quality, measured through Global Customer Product Audit (GCPA) scores, which were last highlighted in 2019.

These provide a benchmark for the automaker to conduct its product quality audits, in tandem with global standards. The system rates issues encountered on the production line based on their severity, and the lower the demerit score, the better the quality.

In 2017, the Persona had a GCPA score of 5,460 demerit points, while that for the Iriz stood at 6,590 points. By 2018, this had been reduced to 1,840 points for the Persona and 2,160 points for the Iriz. When last gauged in 2019, the GCPA score for the Persona had been reduced to 1,360 points, while that of the Iriz had closed in to 1,420 points.

According to vehicle programme executive Adzrai Aziz Ibrahim, who was the project lead for the cars, the company wasn’t satisfied with that and decided to set the bar for both cars to have a score of below 1,000 with the 2022 iterations. This has been achieved with the Persona now having a GCPA score of 900, and notably, the Iriz has overtaken the Persona with just 880 demerit points.

These scores are a massive improvement over that from 2017 (83.5% lower in the case of the Persona and 87% for the Iriz), and bring Proton right into Geely and Volvo quality standards. The current Persona and Iriz scores actually surpass Geely’s 2019 benchmark level of 1,100 points, and comes very close to matching Volvo’s 850 points from that same period.

Aside from improvement in quality control are six areas where identified improvements from 2019 to 2022 variants have been made. As previously reported, improvements in fuel consumption have been obtained, while ride and handling comfort has been increased. The level of NVH in terms of air leakage has also been improved on, and both cars now take a shorter distance to stop – where the braking distance of the Iriz was 42.8 metres and the Persona 43.9 metres, both now do it under 40 metres.

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