Suzuki Malaysia to have sub-250 cc dealer channel – Belang 150 and GSX-R150 coming to Malaysia soon?

With the official announcement by Suzuki Malaysia of its re-introduction to the Malaysian market under new management with six large-capacity models, some are asking if any sub-250 cc Suzuki’s will be brought to Malaysia? Apparently, in the press statement, there are indications such a thing might already be planned and in the process of execution.

From the statement, Suzuki Malaysia will be separating its dealership channel into three streams. These are Suzuki Big Bike World, covering the entire range of Suzuki motorcycles models in Malaysia; Suzuki Station Plus, handling motorcycles up to 800 cc in capacity; and Suzuki Station, for motorcycles below 250 cc engine displacement.

As can be surmised, Suzuki Malaysia does intend to bring in its smaller capacity motorcycles, something Malaysian Suzuki fans have long been clamouring for. These include the Belang/Raider 150 which is extremely popular in neighbouring Indonesia, the V-Strom 250 and GSX-R150, GSX-S150 and the GSX250R, primarily made in India and if things follow the Bajaj/Modenas partnership model, would be suited for the Malaysian market.

Discussions with a dealer who wishes to remain anonymous reveal there is a listing for the sub-quarter litre class in the dealership negotiations and “yes, Suzuki small bikes will come to Malaysia.” It remains to be seen if motorcycles like the Belang and GSX-R150 as well as Suzuki’s scooter range will be imported CKD or CBU, which will have an impact on the retail pricing.

Suzuki Malaysia’s return to Malaysia was supposed to have been done much earlier but was unfortunately delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial plan was for the launch of Suzuki big bikes to be done first, followed by the smaller displacement machines but it appears Malaysian riders can now welcome Suzuki small bikes, a market segment where the brand has been sorely missed.

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