Subaru Forester looks to be the next Wilderness model

Earlier in March, Subaru launched the Outback Wilderness, which benefits from several modifications to make it more capable when off-roading. Now, the company is teasing another model that will undergo the Wilderness treatment, and the clues suggest that it will be the Forester.

In both teaser photos, we don’t really get to see much of the upcoming model, but the placement of the side mirror is a clear tell. On the current Forester, the side mirror is located on the character line seen just below the belt line, which isn’t the case on the company’s other high-riding models, namely the Ascent and XV.

Visual evidence aside, the Forester is also Subaru’s best-selling model in the United States, with the Outback coming in second. As such, it would make sense that these two models receive Wilderness variants well before others in the line-up.

As for what to expect with the Forester Wilderness, the teasers show obligatory badging, more prominent wheel cladding and beefier tyres. If the Outback Wilderness is anything to go by, Subaru will also give its SUV model a raised suspension setup, new bumpers, model-specific wheels and a skid plate. What’s less likely is a power bump, as the Outback didn’t see any changes to its engine.

For now, there’s no official debut date but it shouldn’t be too long before we get to see the Forester Wilderness in full. Moving forward, there’s also a possibility that the company’s other SUV and crossover models could receive their own Wilderness variant.

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