Land Cruiser 300 gets Modellista aero parts, wheels – Japan and global versions available for the first time

Toyota’s customisation departments has wasted no time tooling up parts for the new Land Cruiser, which went on sale in Japan earlier this week. With a dedicated GR Sport variant already available for the 300 Series model, it’s now time for Modellista to offer a choice lineup of aesthetic upgrades.

As you can see, the changes amplify the SUV’s already extroverted design, adding a deep front spoiler with what look like triple air intakes (they’re actually blanks) and U-shaped chrome inserts at the corners. Along the sides, there are fender garnishes with black borders, while the rear features additional skirting on the bumpers with a diffuser-like insert.

The chrome trim on the bumper resembles twin tailpipes, although bizarrely, Modellista also includes a trapezoidal chrome finisher for the real exhausts, poking out underneath the diffuser. Buyers can also purchase a large tailgate spoiler, a chrome rear bumper step guard and 21-inch turbine-style alloy wheels to complete the look.

Inside, the available accessories include foot lights for the rear occupants, metal garnishes on the front and rear doors, boot lights and window tint films for cutting out infrared light. Naturally, these components are a little garish for other markets and are generally skewed towards Japanese buyers, although that has never stopped Modellista parts from gaining a wider acceptance overseas.

However, for the first time, the company is introducing a completely different range of products exclusively for the global market, catered to customers in the Middle East and Russia that tend to be the biggest markets for the Land Cruiser. The look is sportier and less ornate than the Japanese version, with more convincing front “inlets” and a black rear diffuser.

The wheels are also different, with a twin-six-spoke design in either gloss black with a machined silver face or a full matte black finish. There are no tailgate spoiler, fender garnishes or interior lights here, although I suspect you’d be able to get the Japanese ones if you ask your local dealer (Wing Hin here) nicely.

GALLERY: Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series Modellista Japanese version
GALLERY: Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series Modellista global version

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