“Kempen Bantuan Car Seat Safe ‘n Sound” initiative offering 200 free child seats to parents in need of one

Despite child car seats being an integral part of road safety, the truth of the matter is that not everyone can afford them. A study by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) disclosed that only 30% of Malaysian car drivers use child safety seats, and one of the key reasons for that is that low-income families cannot afford to buy these items.

The economic situation hasn’t been helped by the Covid-19 pandemic, with statistics from the Economic Action Council (EAC) secretariat revealing that over 600,000 households from the middle 40% (M40) category have slid into the bottom 40% (B40) category.

To help address the situation, SNS Products has come up with an initiative to help families who require car seats during these tough times. The company is enabling access to child safety seats for parents in need of one by giving away 200 new child safety seats via its retail entity, Safe ‘n Sound, in a campaign known as “Kempen Bantuan Car Seat Safe ‘n Sound.”

The campaign will focus on equipping qualified parents with recommended car seats from four participating brands, namely Joie, snskidz, mifold, and Axkid, all of which are United Nations Regulation (UNR) ECE R44/04 certified. The car seats will be assigned based on their child’s age and weight, as well as whether their cars are Isofix compatible.

At the same time, the company is also looking to leverage on the campaign by raisinh awareness on the importance of car seat usage as well as educating parents on the proper usage of child safety seats.

“The awareness of car seat safety in Malaysia is relatively low, resulting in many road injuries and fatalities that could have been prevented had a child safety seat been used. All babies and young children must be restrained in an age and size appropriate child safety seat from newborn to about 12 years old,” said SNS Products executive director.

Apart from advocating car seat safety, the company also wants to stress the importance of the proper usage of car seats. “More than 90% of car seats are either installed improperly or used incorrectly, and that could similarly endanger children’s lives on the road. It is absolutely necessary to put a child who is less than 136cm in height in an appropriate child safety seat, and strongly advised to remain in a rear-facing position for as long as possible,” added May Hwong.

To that end, the company says that its in-house certified car seat experts, Child Occupant Safety Advisors (COSA) and Child Occupant Safety Instructors (COSI), are able to provide complimentary consultation on appropriate child safety seats by assessing the child’s age, height and weight as well as the type of car used. In addition to that, free car seat checks can be conducted at its customer service centre to ensure that the car seat is installed and used correctly.

The “Kempen Bantuan Car Seat Safe ‘n Sound” initiative is open to families with children from newborn to 12 years old with a monthly household income below RM4,000 and who own a car. Parents who are interested to sign up for this car seat assistance campaign may visit check on eligibility here and fill out the form accordingly. More information on this campaign can be found here.

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