Dashboard accessories are potentially injurious: MKJR

We’ve all seen this time and again – car dashboards decorated with figurines, soft toys and various other kinds of memorabilia. While it may seem like an innocent, casual exhibit, these objects could turn into projectiles in the event of an accident, causing serious injuries that are potentially fatal.

In a bid to ensure the continued safety of motorists, non-governmental agency Majlis Keselamatan Jalan Raya (MKJR) took to Facebook to remind the public not to line their car dashboards with accessories.

“This is because the objects are fragile and are usually made with a combination of glass and plastics. They have sharp edges and don’t stick permanently to the dashboard. Besides, the accessories could obstruct the airbag deployment process, preventing it from functioning as intended,” the post reads.

What’s worse is the high likelihood of the accessories being turned into projectiles. This happens either in a high velocity crash, or when the object is caught right in the trajectory of the deploying airbag. Just so you know, frontal airbags inflate at an explosive rate of between 160 to over 350 km/h, achieving full inflation in under half a second.

So, before you start decorating your dashboard with some of your favourite toys, just remember that the dashboard is not a display rack. Make sure there’s nothing resting on it, because the last thing you want is for that object to be the cause of your disability, or worse, death.

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