2022 Proton Persona, Iriz maintenance costs increased compared to 2019 models – what are the changes?

Proton recently gave the Iriz and Persona their second facelifts earlier this month, with both benefiting from styling updates as well as equipment changes. The national carmaker’s B-segment models also have a more streamlined variant line-up this time around, with the Iriz in particular gaining a new, SUV-inspired Active option.

These revisions are accompanied by price hikes that range from RM1,100 to RM4,100, depending on the model and chosen variant, but there’s more to add as well. Looking at Proton’s latest maintenance schedules, we discover that both models have higher upkeep costs compared to their 2019 predecessors.

As such, we’ve compiled the official maintenance costs for the 2022 and 2019 Iriz and Persona to determine why this is the case. For parity, we’re only comparing variants equipped with a 1.6 litre VVT DOHC engine and CVT, the latter now being the only available transmission for both models.

Given that both cars are mechanically identical, the maintenance costs for the 2019 duo are identical, and this is also the case for the 2022 pair. However, you can see in the prepared table that the 2022 models cost RM3,583.17 to maintain over five years or 100,000 km, which is more than the RM3,051.80 for the 2019 models.

Looking at the itemised list, we find that the 2022 models require their N95 cabin filter to be replaced every 20,000 km. This isn’t exactly new, as Proton previously announced in July last year that all its cars will come with a N95 cabin filter as standard, so the first facelift models had it then.

However, when we reported on the maintenance cost of the 2019 Persona (which extends to the Iriz), cabin filter changes were not mandatory in the maintenance schedule at the time. With five replacements now required over five years for the 2022 models, the total cost of the N95 cabin filters amount to RM295 excluding labour, which makes up the bulk of the total increase here.

2022 Proton Iriz/Persona service schedule (top), 2019 Iriz/Persona (bottom); click to enlarge

It should also be noted that Proton service centres would usually recommend periodic cabin filter changes even for the 2019 models (though not mandatory), so in actuality, the difference here is not as big as it may first appear.

Another variance observed is the 2022 models require more frequent radiator coolant changes, as it now happens every 30,000 km instead of just once at 90,000 km for the 2019 models – a sensible change. These two, more frequent service items, along with their labour charges, form the main difference between maintenance costs for the 2022 and 2019 models, with everything else being the same or just a cent more.

Of course, while it may cost RM531.37 more to maintain the 2022 models over five years compared to the 2019 models, when split across that timespan, it’s only about RM106 more per year. Keep in mind that besides preventative maintenance costs, things like fuel consumption can also affect the cost of your individual ownership. Meanwhile, consumables like tyres will cost more than before as the wheel sizes have gone up (from 15- to 16-inches for Executive and Premium variants), and there are other things such as brake pads, shock absorbers and batteries.

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