Tesla Supercharger network to be opened to all EVs

Last month, Tesla revealed that it would open its Supercharger network to electric vehicles by other automakers by September 2022 in Norway. Currently, only Tesla vehicles have access to the Supercharger network, and it was previously suggested that the initiative in Norway will be rolled out to other markets as well.

This has now been confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who took to Twitter to say that the Supercharger network will be opened to other EVs later this year. Musk didn’t state what markets will be the first to undergo the exercise, but that over time, all countries will benefit from it.

Also not mentioned is how Tesla plans to open its Supercharger network, given that its chargers in the United States use a proprietary plug, although this will likely require an adapter for non-Tesla EVs. It’s easier in Europe, as its Superchargers use a CCS2 connector that is standard in the region.

Unlike most automakers, Tesla isn’t reliant on third-party charging networks like those set up by Ionity, Electrify America, EVgo or ChargePoint. Instead, the company owns and operates the Supercharger network by itself, which consists of over 25,000 fast chargers at over 2,700 locations around the world.

By opening up its charging network, Tesla will be able to serve more EV owners with their reach, while also enticing new owners to drive up EV uptake. Of course, it will have work out charging fees, which could differ for Tesla and non-Tesla owners.

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