Dallara EXP track car debuts – 492 hp/700 Nm, 890 kg, 1,250 kg of downforce; cornering forces up to 2.7 g

Motorsport specialist and race car builder Dallara has unveiled its latest product, the EXP. Based on the roadgoing Stradale, the EXP goes back to the Italian manufacturer’s roots of track-only cars without the constraints of being road legal and requiring type approval, to yield a car that is focused on track performance.

Power is extracted from a 2.3 litre Ford EcoBoost inline-four turbo petrol engine, rated in the EXP for 492 hp and 700 Nm of torque, or 92 hp and 100 Nm more than the road-going Stradale.

Like the roadgoing Stradale, the Dallara EXP is of the same carbon-fibre monocoque construction, and while the Stradale road car gets a choice of six-speed manual with a conventional H-gate shift pattern or a six-speed sequential with shift paddles, it is only the latter for the track-bound EXP.

Drive goes to the rear wheels through a Quaife limited-slip differential. With a claimed dry weight of 890 kg, this yields a power-to-weight ratio of 552 hp per tonne; the EXP does the 0-100 km/h sprint in 3.2 seconds, and goes on to a top speed of 288 km/h. Double wishbone suspension features at both front and rear ends of the EXP, and are paired with three-way adjustable dampers.

The EXP’s enhanced aero package includes front dive planes and a large rear wing, and when combined with Pirelli slick tyres as standard, the EXP offers up to 1,250 kg of downforce at top speed, also enabling maximum cornering forces of 2.7 g.

While the EXP is intended for track use only, the modular nature of its construction and commonality with the Stradale means that owners of the road-going vehicle can also choose to purchase components from the EXP for conversion to track use, which is reversible to enable road use once again after that.

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