ACO Tech to add Spotify app to Proton GKUI soon?

A brief video clip of question-and-answer excerpts was posted on the ACO Tech Facebook page today, which included an indication that there will be new additions to the contents of the Proton GKUI infotainment setup.

In response to a question asking when will Spotify, Waze and Google Maps be added to the GKUI ecosystem, ACO Tech said that “Google and Waze are applications owned by Google,” and from what ACO Tech knows, “these [navigation] apps are not open for any new collaboration with any carmakers in the world.”

As for music playback, options currently include Joox Music, said ACO Tech, with the added teaser that the firm is “working with other entertainment applications” which will be made available to users in the coming months, its response wrote.

ACO Tech answers questions about updates to the GKUI system. Click to enlarge

The posted response from ACO Tech continued with a teaser that one of the new updates “starts with ‘S’,” and Spotify would be the obvious guess, though it isn’t set in stone. A homegrown effort could also fit the bill, such as the Syok entertainment platform by Astro which offers digital radio.

To the question of the possible inclusion of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to the Proton GKUI system in the future, ACO Tech responded in saying that the Apple and Android systems are adapted “from the mobile phone ecosystem,” and it believes it is “already in the next [stage] of entertainment and lifestyle,” and hopes that users will enjoy a new experience once the upgraded software has been rolled out.

Ultimately, it would be tough to be conclusive on the exact contents of the forthcoming update, though ACO Tech assures users that the software updates will be offered as soon as possible.

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