2022 Zero Motorcycles FXE 7.2 is a motard e-bike

New from Zero Motorcycles is the 2022 Zero 7.2 FXE electric motorcycle (e-bike), with supermotard styling and pricing starting from 11,795 USD (RM49,546). Designed in partnership with Huge Design SF, a San Francisco based industrial design firm that creates everything from consumer electronics to GoPros and strollers, the FXE is developed from the current model 7.2 FXS which it replaces.

Carrying an air-cooled Z-Force 75-5 brushless motor, the FXE produces the equivalent of 46 hp at 4,300 rpm with 106 Nm of torque. Top speed is limited to 137 km/h while sustained efficient speed is 121 km/h, with ranged claimed to 165 kilometres in city riding mode, dropping to 97 km in highway riding at 90 km/h.

Power is stored in a Z-Force lithium-ion battery pack rated at 7.2 kWh capacity with a nominal capacity of 6.3 kWh. Charging time using the standard 650W built-in charger takes 9.7 hours to full charge with 110 or 220 Volt domestic current, while adding a single accessory charger drops the time to 4.1 hours and using the maximum number of accessory chargers lowers it to 1.8 hours.

The frame-mourned motor drives the rear wheel directly via a Poly Chain carbon belt with a 90/18 sprocket ratio. Zero Motorcycles says the FXE has the equivalent of 0.44 litres per 100 km of fuel economy in city riding and 1.10 litres per 100 km in highway mode.

Showa provides the front suspension with a 41 mm upside-down fork, fully-adjustable while the back end of the FXE is held up by a Showa monoshock with piggy-back resorvoir, also fully-adjustable. Braking is done by J Juan with single hydraulic discs front and rear and Bosch Gen 9 two-channel ABS is standard.

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