VIDEO: Geometry A Pro – Geely’s improved sedan EV has more power/torque, 70 kWh batt for 600 km range

Geely’s latest electric car brand is Zeekr, but that isn’t the Chinese carmaker’s first EV sub-brand. That’s Geometry, which was launched in 2019 as the name for the company’s mainstream EVs. Geometry is mass, Zeekr is premium, that’s the order.

Geometry’s launch product was the A, a rather conventionally-shaped three-box sedan that was formerly known as the Geely GE11. The Geometry A is powered by a 161 hp/250 Nm motor, and can be had in two battery sizes – a 51.9 kWh battery for 410 km on a single charge and a 61.9 kWh unit for 500 km, both measured on the NEDC cycle. 0-100 km/h is done in 8.8 seconds.

The Geometry A is marketed as a city car and has been deployed as eco-friendly taxis in China, but there’s now an improved model that can go further, to the neighbouring province even. Simply called the Geometry A Pro, this is pretty much the same Geometry A but with better tech specs.

According to Geely UnCut, the Pro’s battery is a 70 kWh unit that uses 20% less space despite the increased capacity. NEDC range is now rated at 600 km, and there’s a more powerful motor – with 201 hp (150 kW) and 310 Nm, the Pro has a 50 hp/60 Nm advantage, and the 0-100 km/h time has been shaved by nearly two seconds, to 6.9 seconds.

That’s close to hot hatch levels of acceleration, but “while it does have some type of performance credentials, that’s not the reason why I, or anyone would like this car,” the Geely UnCut host says, adding that “it’s a very calm n relaxing car to drive”. In short, this is not a performance EV like a Zeekr or Tesla. This power bump brings the A to the same level as the Geometry C hatchback that debut in June 2020.

The video says that the Geometry A Pro has Bosch’s latest iBooster tech, which in urban situations, can increase battery endurance by up to 30% through energy regeneration.

The German parts maker describes the iBooster as a vacuum-independent electromechanical braking system. Main benefits include fast pressure build-up for short stopping distances and “best pedal feel” that can adjusted from sporty to comfortable, depending on the carmaker.

From the outside, the Pro version of the A can be spotted by its black roof and pillars. In China, the base A starts at 120,000 yuan (RM77,123), while the Pro starts at around 148,000 yuan (RM95,116). Geely has plans to export this electric sedan later this year.

This would make for a good and (relatively) affordable first Proton EV, no? What do you think? More on the Geometry A here.

GALLERY: Geometry A Pro

GALLERY: Geometry A

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