2021 Dayi E-Odin electric bike enters Europe market

A plethora of electric motorcycles (e-bikes) from China is flooding the electric personal mobility arena and the latest option is the 2021 Dayi E-Idon entering the European market. Designed for as a personal mobility vehicle, the E-Odin e-bike is the equivalent of a 125 cc motorcycle, in terms of size and range.

This makes it perfect for the dense urban centres of Europe, where road real estate and parking spaces are at a premium. Using a hub-mounted 6 kW electric motor, the E-Odin has a claimed governed top speed of 100 km/h.

Power is stored in a lithium-ion 72 volt battery pack rated at 100 Ah, giving a total 7.2 kWh capacity, reports Electric.co. According to the Dayi specifications sheet, this gives the E-Odin a maximum range of 210 km with the battery taking 10 hours to reach a full charge.

For Europe, the E-Odin falls under the EC’s L3e motorcycle category, which is the equivalent of an A1 license for a 125 cc motorcycle. No word on the likely cost of the E-Odin in Europe but Dayi has mentioned a shipment will be landing in its warehouse facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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