VIDEO: Perodua asks Baju Siapa in its Raya 2021 film

Perodua is, by and large, a serious company. You don’t find the market leader doing many publicity stunts, if at all. Teasers and previews happen shortly before a model’s launch, and everything rolls out on schedule. Less fanfare, more time for the main agenda of selling cars. And selling is what they do so well.

So it’s refreshing to see the carmaker let its hair down once in a while, and this Raya 2021 ad is one such instance. In fact, should we be calling it an ad when there’s no selling or self-promotion involved? Aside from the fact that the hero in Baju Siapa is a Perodua employee (as seen on his uniform), and a red Ativa makes a cameo appearance, there’s no Perodua or car in the film.

There is a message though, and it’s indahnya silaturahim bila berbudi tidak berkira masa dan tenaga or “the true measure of kinship is how we make the effort for others” in English. Another message is what all of us guys already know: the tall and handsome among us always gets the girl. OK, I made the last part up.

With Covid-19 still raging, this might again be a different kind of Raya, one where we don’t get to balik kampung and see the family. The thought of that is sad and frustrating, but what else can we do but to make the most out of the situation, make use of technology to keep in touch, and bring some light to where we are, like Amir did in Baju Siapa. Selamat Hari Raya.

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