Singapore wants old motorcycles off the road by 2028

In an effort to improve environmental conditions, the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore will be tightening emissions standard for all motorcycles registered in the island nation be before July 1, 2003. Such motorcycles can continue to be used till June 30, 2028, provided the motorcycle complies with current emissions standards.

As of April 1, 2023, Singapore will adopt the latest United Nations (UN) noise standard for motorcycle exhaust systems which are more stringent than current regulations in force. This lead time allows motorcycle dealers in Singapore to obtain vehicles that comply with the impending noise and emissions regulations.

The stricter emissions standard will also apply to foreign registered motorcycles entering Singapore, a move likely to have implications for the large number of Malaysians working there who commute daily from Johor. For that particular case, random emissions testing on Malaysian registered motorcycles will be carried out at the Causeway and enforcement operations on the island itself.

For owners of older motorcycles in Singapore, deregistration of their vehicle is encouraged, with an incentive of 3,500 SGD (RM10,829) given as an incentive. The incentive is available to April 5, 2023 with statistics showing nearly 60% of 27,000 motorcycles eligible having benefited.

Stricter enforcement of noise and emissions standards comes as no surprise as many countries around the world are doing so. In Malaysia, the recent crack down on noisy motorcycle exhausts had local riders up in arms claiming biased and one-sided enforcement.

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