Monaco the most supercar-obsessed country globally, Malaysia in 30th place – Ford GT most popular on IG!

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the nations of the world compare when it comes to obsession with supercars? Or which supercar model is the most popular on social media? Well, good news, because those questions can be answered in this piece, thanks to a survey conducted by Chasing Cars.

Let us start with the 10 most popular supercars on Instagram. As it turns out, the Ford GT leads by a considerably margin – the #fordgt hashtag category has a total post count of 600,167, nearly 200,000 more postings than the McLaren P1 in second place (412,705 postings). The Bugatti Chiron slides in third with 395,810 tags, followed by the McLaren 720S with 355,382 tags and McLaren F1 with 265,504 tags.

It’s surprising to find that the F1 is still such a popular supercar on social media, considering that it is almost 30 years-old. The Ferrari F40 is also another popular all-time great, ranking sixth on Instagram with 241,852 tags. In seventh and eighth places are the McLaren Senna and Ferrari LaFerrari with 237,171 and 213,562 postings respectively, and wrapping up the top 10 list are the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 V10 with 212,651 and 167,989 tags respectively.

With the popularity contest out of the way, let us now take a look at how the capitals of the world rank in terms of supercar obsession. Now, this is where the survey methodology starts to get tricky, so before we go through the list, let’s first understand how these findings were obtained.

Chasing Cars said it took a sample of 5,000 Instagram posts under each of the corresponding hashtags and used only those with the location disclosed. Then, it took the sample of the geotagged posts for each hashtag and extrapolated them to estimate the location counts.

Finally, it referred to the World Health Organisation to determine the number of cars registered in each country and city, then estimated the number of supercar-tagged posts per 1,000 registered vehicles in each country. For the selected cities, the number of vehicles registered was derived by taking the country’s ratio of registered vehicles per capita, and multipying it by the population of the city.

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Unsurprisingly, the city of Miami (US) tops the chart here, with 1,514 supercar posts tagged per 1,000 registered motorists. That’s 50% more supercar posts on Instagram than there are drivers in the Magic City. This is followed by Manchester (UK) with 881 tags per 1,000 registered driver, Vancouver (Canada, 862 tags) and Las Vegas (US, 818 tags). Kuala Lumpur is ranked at number 40 with 259 tags per 1,000 registered vehicles, ahead of Cairo (Egypt, 255 tags), Berlin (Germany, 246 tags) and Dubai (UAE, 243 tags).

Supercar models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston Martin are the most popular in Miami. On the other hand, photos of McLaren and Bugatti are most frequently tagged in Leeds (UK), while the Ford GT ranks first in Manchester, ahead of San Francisco and Washington D.C. In Munich, the most tagged supercars are from Mercedes-Benz.

Wonder which supercars are most frequently tagged in the city of Kuala Lumpur? That would be Porsche, with 58 tags per 1,000 registered motorists. Ferrari is in second place with 51 tags, followed by Lamborghini with 49 tags, Bugatti with 25 tags, and McLaren with 24 tags. Aston Martin is tied with Ford with 11 tags, while Koegnigsegg and Pagani have 9 and 6 tags respectively.

As for the most tagged posts by country, the undisputed top spot goes to Monaco. The sovereign city-state, otherwise known as the billionaire’s playground, has a rate of 3,048 hashtags per 1,000 motorists. That equals to three supercar photos per motorist in Monaco, a figure that is 19 times more than second-placed Denmark (162 tags). Surprisingly, the UAE takes the sixth spot with 122 hashtags, behind Portugal and New Zealand.

Closer to home, Singapore has 63 supercar posts tagged on Instagram per 1,000 registered motorists, putting it firmly in 17th place, right behind the United States (66 tags). Malaysia is in the 30th spot with 51 tags, ahead of the Philippines (36 tags) and Hong Kong (29 tags) in 47th and 64th spots respectively. Indonesia slides in number 90 with 19 tags, which is tied with Japan.

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