Volkswagen ID.3 GTX hot hatch under consideration

Volkswagen ID.3

The just-launched Volkswagen ID.4 GTX is the first of several GTX-badged high-performance electric models set to emerge from Volksagen, according to an Auto Express report. The German automaker aims to further build upon the GTX sub-brand and is “looking into” a higher-performance version of the ID.3 that premiered in September 2019, Volkswagen head of sales and marketing Klaus Zellmer told the magazine.

This will be joined by the forthcoming ID.5 coupe-SUV that was teased at the unveiling of the ID.4 GTX, and which will also bring its own GTX variant in the future. “We want to cover 70% of our new-car sales in Europe with EVs by 2030, so we need to start building not only electric vehicles, but also the brand for EVs. The most aspirational in the line-up, I think, will be the GTX,” Zellmer said.

The debut of the ID.4 GTX (left) was joined by a teaser for the forthcoming ID.5 coupe-SUV (right), which itself will spawn a GTX high-performance variant

The automaker wants to offer a wider range of choices, including those combining more “aspirational driving possibilities” which come in the form of dual motors and all-wheel-drive along with a slightly higher top speed, such as offered in the ID.4 GTX. “It’s for people out there who are in the market for more,” he added.

Is the ID.3 GTX under consideration? “We’re constantly looking at possibilities to be consistent with everything we have done in the past,” Zellmer responded to the magazine’s question. “Rest assured, we’re looking into it, but there hasn’t been a decision made so far,” Zellmer added.

For reference, the just-launched ID.4 GTX packs 299 PS from its dual-motor powertrain, compared to the 204 PS from the rear-axle unit of the regular ID.4. This is the same as the output from the regular ID.3 hatchback, which could mean that a possible ID.3 GTX would boast the same output figure from the same powertrain used in the ID.4 GTX.

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