MIROS survey – bike rider risk awareness on highways

A survey assessing motorcycle riders’ and drivers’ awareness and perception of highway work zones and service vehicles has been released by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS). The online survey – link here – in Bahasa Malaysia, asks a series of questions on type of motorcycle ridden, distance and time spent riding Malaysian highways and so on.

The questionnaire, spread across across seven pages, goes into detail on rider perception of highway specific situations such as encountering lane closures and highway service vehicles (not police and emergency vehicles.) The objective is to increase highway user perception of situations on the highway where work is carried out and increasing the measure of rider safety, especially for small displacement motorcycle riders using the emergency lanes.

For the first 300 respondents, a RM10 e-waller voucher will be given by MIROS after full completion of the survey and provision of contact details. All data is kept confidential and no employment information will be recorded or disseminated.

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