April 2021 week three fuel price – RON 97 unchanged

Here’s the weekly fuel price update, with the latest set of weekly retail pricing of petroleum products as announced by the ministry of finance for the week of April 15 until April 21, 2021.

Users of RON 97 petrol can enjoy a bit of respite from rising prices for this grade of fuel, which has been on a constant climb since the third week of March, which now remains unchanged for this week at RM2.54 per litre. RON 95 petrol and diesel fuels remain where they have been at their respective price caps of RM2.05 per litre and RM2.15 per litre, which will be the maximum even if market prices continue to climb.

Euro 5 standard diesel replaced Euro 2M diesel at all retail pumps in Malaysia as of April 1, and this will continue to be priced at the Euro 2M level, as above. Diesel is now sold in two grades – one with a B10 or B20 biodiesel blend, and the second is the B7 blend that continues to be available, which has previously served as the Euro 5 grade differentiator when sold alongside Euro 2M diesel.

Euro 5 B7 diesel will continue to be sold as a separate product, which is priced 10 sen more than the B10/B20 product, and will continue to be RM2.25 per litre in line with the price ceiling.

To recap, both grades of diesel will continue to be on sale at the same time to provide some peace of mind for diesel car users who prefer not to use a higher proportion of biofuel. The numerical suffix in the B7/B10/B20 figures refer to the percentage of palm methyl ester in the biodiesel blend – B10 means a 10% component of palm methyl ester and 90% regular diesel, and so on.

These prices take effect from midnight tonight until Wednesday, April 21, when the next update for the set of fuel prices will be announced. This is the 16th edition of the weekly fuel pricing format this year, and the 119th in total since the format was introduced in 2019.

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