AD: Tint your car for just RM488 at the ALVA Concept Store – 9H ceramic coating package offered at RM588

Intense sunlight is certainly something that is common in Malaysia and it can put quite a burden on both car and driver. Look around and you’ll find that most cars on the road are equipped with tinting to reduce heat build-up in the cabin, or have been coated to preserve valuable paintwork.

If you’re looking to do the same for your car, there’s certainly no shortage of options available. Of course, finding the right products to apply to your car is just the start of a long-winded journey, as you’ll also want the best deal and quality workmanship to go along with it. This could take you to multiple stores, which can be quite a hassle in the fast-paced world we live in.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to the ALVA Concept Store, which is your one-stop location that ensures your pride and joy is well attended to. Located in Damansara Damai, the outlet is properly equipped and staffed by trained professionals to provide a range of services, including tinting and coating.

As part of an ongoing promotion, the ALVA Concept Store is offering full-car tinting for just RM488, which includes a seven-year warranty. To minimise the nasty effects of the sun, the tint has an infrared heat rejection rating of 98% and is capable of rejecting 99% of UV rays. You’ll also be able to choose from several visible light transmission (VLT) percentages from 30% to 95%.

If protecting your car’s precious paint is what you’re looking for, you can opt for a full-car ceramic coating package for RM588. The package includes a premium wash and polish that are performed prior to the application of the three-layer coating, which has a 9H hardness rating, ensuring a robust layer is formed to shield the paintwork from the elements.

It isn’t just the bodywork that gets coated, as the package also covers the windscreen, wheels, exterior lamps and interior to ensure total protection. For further peace of mind, a three-year warranty is included, fully honoured by the ALVA Concept Store.

Taking care of your car and ensuring it’s properly equipped to take on our climate should be an easy process, and with the ALVA Concept Store, it can be. It pays to be educated on matters like this, so contact the ALVA Concept Store via Facebook if you require more information, or check out their official website to discover their wider range of products.

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