2022 Honda Civic to showcase new interior design direction, reinforcing human-centric approach

The interiors of Honda vehicles have historically taken a human-centred approach in their designs, and future Honda models – such as the 2022 Civic – to come will be taking a renewed focus on its “man maximum, machine minimum” ideal that maximises room for its occupants while minimising encroachment by mechanical parts. This will be by Honda’s latest “simplicity and something” philosophy, the automaker said.

The ‘simplicity’ part aids in the user experience through eliminating complexity, such as with the reduction of visual clutter and with elements such as thin pillars, a low dashboard cowl and a large glasshouse in order to maximise visibility for the road and the environment surrounding the vehicle.

“Simplicity in design requires not only a strong philosophy, but a discipline toward the user experience. We heard from designers working for other brands who say they were inspired by the simple, human-centred design of old Hondas, well, so are we!”, said creative lead for interior design at Honda United States Johnathan Norman.

Honda’s new interior design direction with the 2022 Civic will build on existing design values, such as applied to current models like the Accord (right)

The ‘and something’ component of the philosophy refers to the more subjective aspects such as personality, character and beauty, said Norman, whilst reinforcing the brand’s original human-centric values with simple, clean and horizontal orientation.

Expressions of these would be through specific design details such as the knurling of a knob, or other characteristics of materials used in the cabin, and these will differentiate each model in the future Honda product line-up, the automaker said.

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