Volkswagen ID.4 GTX to arrive in first half of 2021; Golf, Tiguan, Passat, T-Roc model ranges to continue

In January, Volkswagen has announced that it will be unveiling the ID.4 GTX this year, though now we have a more definite timeline for its arrival; the higher performance variant of its fully electric SUV will be making its debut in the first half of this year, the German automaker said in a statement.

This is part of its Accelerate strategy that aims to grow its battery-electric vehicle sales to become 70% of all vehicle sales in Europe or double its previous target of 35% by 2030, while it also aims to grow EV sales to comprise 50% of all vehicle sales in the United States and China markets in the same timeframe.

To achieve this, the German automaker plans to roll out ‘at least’ one new battery-electric vehicle every year, and this year will in fact have two models lined up; the second will be the sleeker-roofed Volkswagen ID.5, which is planned for a debut in the second half of this year.

Specifications of the ID.4 GTX were not revealed, though Volkswagen did confirm that the EV SUV will be all-wheel-drive, suggesting that the GTX variant will bring the dual-motor powertrain that has been rumoured earlier. This will supplement the standard, 204 PS/310 Nm single-motor setup in the ID.4 with a 102 PS/140 Nm motor on the front axle for a total system output of 306 PS.

These will be joined by the ID.6X/Crozz for the Chinese market, and this is due to be launched in the Northern Hemisphere autumn of this year. Meanwhile, plans for a fully electric model to be positioned below the ID.3 have been postponed by two years, and this will only arrive no sooner than 2025, says Volkswagen.

The base single-motor powertrain in the ID.4 is adopted from the ID.3 hatchback, with the sharing of parts enabled by the use of the electric drive matrix (MEB) architecture that will underpin the German automaker’s ground-up battery electric vehicles.

Volkswagen Project Trinity design preview

Development of internal combustion models will continue, says Volkswagen, adding that all core model lines including the Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Tayron and T-Roc will be followed up with a successor each.

“We will still need combustion engines for a while, but they should be as efficient as possible, which is why the next generation of our core products – all of which are world models – will also be fitted with the latest generation of plug-in hybrid technology, with an electric range of up to 100 km,” said CEO Ralf Brandst├Ątter.

Volkswagen also released the first design preview for Project Trinity, a fastback-shaped fully electric sedan that will set new standards for battery range, charging times and digitisation, in addition to preparation for Level 4 autonomous driving, said the automaker.

Project Trinity will herald a range of future products that will be produced with ‘considerably fewer variants’, says Volkswagen, with its hardware largely standardised as the automaker goes in the direction of developing the automobile as a software-based product, it said.

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