Geely Xingyue L features a one-metre-long display – KX11 SUV to go on sale in China soon with a 2.0T

In January this year, Geely unveiled the KX11, which is the company’s third model to be based on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) after the Xingyue and Xingrui/Preface – the platform is also used for the Volvo XC40. The SUV would later be given a name – Xingyue L – in February, along with more official photos before its market launch in China.

Ahead of the start of sales for the Xingyue L, the company took to social media to show off one of the SUV’s more notable features, its one-metre-long display panel inside the cabin. If you thought Tesla’s displays were huge, Geely’s unit spans a length of 100 cm and takes up almost the entire dashboard.

It should be noted that the display is actually divided into two separate screens, both linked to the car’s infotainment system. The primary screen located above the centre air vents and climate controls provides access to all vehicle functions, while the second, co-pilot screen for the front passenger will likely be limited to just a few functions like media and/or navigation.

Beside the wide display is a digital instrument cluster for the driver, which provides all vital driving information ahead of steering wheel that proudly displays the “CMA” script on it. As for the centre console, it accommodates the car’s gear lever and drive mode selector.

The company has said that the “L” in the SUV’s name represents many things, with “luxury” being one of them. It certainly seems apt given the look of the cabin, which is adorned in brightly-coloured upholstery and expensive-looking trim. Look closely at the A-pillars and you’ll spot a Bose sound system, which adds to the luxury feel.

At the same time, “L” also stands for “large,” as the Xingyue L is a seven-seat SUV, although we don’t have photos of see what the seating arrangement is like. It should be a roomy space to be in, especially since the model packs a wheelbase of 2,845 mm, with other dimensions being a length of 4,770 mm, a width of 1,895 mm and height of 1,689 mm.

Another term Geely used to explain what the “L” means is “liberate,” which we think refers to the powertrain that will be offered with the SUV. Reports indicate the model will feature a Volvo-sourced Drive-E 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder with two states of tune: 238 PS (235 hp) and 218 PS (215 hp). An eight-speed automatic transmission will be standard regardless of engine output.

Comparisons to Geely’s other seven-seat SUV – the Haoyue – are inevitable, but that model is based on the Jiaji MPV, which is built on the company’s CV platform, and is thus cheaper to build. Put simply, the Xingyue L is clearly the more premium offering of the two.

In terms of size, the Haoyue actually occupies a larger footprint than the Xingyue L, with a length of 4,835 mm, width of 1,900 mm and height of 1,780 mm. However, its wheelbase of just 2,845 mm is 30 mm smaller than its sibling.

Given the different target segments, the Xingyue L should command a higher price compared to the Haoyue, which is priced between 109,600 to 139,600 yuan (RM69,310 to RM88,282) in China. With that in mind, if there’s ever a possibility that Proton plans to introduce a localised version of one of Geely’s seven-seat SUVs, we reckon the Haoyue will get the nod, given our market’s price-sensitive nature. A one-metre-long display does seem like a good flex though, don’t you think?

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