Kia K8 sedan previewed – replaces the K7/Cadenza

Kia has revealed the first official images of the all-new K8, which will replace the K7, or Cadenza as it is known in the United States. The upcoming sedan is set to go on sale later this year in Korea, although the carmaker did not state what other markets it will be offered in.

The K8 is a pretty significant car, as it carries a name that has never been used by the Korean carmaker before. Not only that, it is the first model to be launched following Kia’s recent rebrand, showcasing a new design identity as well as the contemporary new logo.

On the mention of design, bold is a good way to describe the K8’s styling. Up front, we find the company’s signature “tiger nose” grille, which is frameless and integrated within the bumper to clean yet expansive look.

To add to the visual presence, the bumper features an intricate diamond lattice, while the grille insert also carries a similar design pattern. Thin slits help to frame the K8’s face, with creases extending upwards to meet the slim headlamps. Kia also notes that the clusters include a turn signal that “resembles a star cloud,” which sounds premium enough.

Viewed from the side, we find a dynamic character line that runs the length of the sedan, and just like those front indicators, Kia has something to note about this detail: it is apparently inspired by “yachts sailing across calm waters.”

There are other notable cues too, including the chrome strip that runs along the bottom of the doors, before rising aft of the rear wheels into the taillights. Just like the Sorento, there are distinctive fins on the rear quarter window, although the ones on the K8 are dressed in a metallic finish with the same diamond latticework.

If the car looks rather long at first glance, that’s because it is. The K8 measures 5,015 mm long, making it 19 mm longer than the K7. The profile is also changed here, with a shorter rear section that the company says provides a sporty, fastback look.

To drive that point home, there’s a dynamic and muscular rear end with prominent shoulders that blend into a small spoiler lip that trails from a swooping roofline. Below that is a recessed, full-width light bar that connects the Y-shaped taillights, which themselves hug onto the rear fenders. At the base of the pronounced bum are a pair of exhaust outlets with a surround in a metallic finish.

Kia says the K8 will represent the brand in the premium space and will come with a simple, ergonomic “first-class” interior, although there are no photos of the latter just yet. It adds that the model will deliver a “class-leading package that redefines the meaning of sports sedan.” Sadly, we’ll have to wait for the company to reveal more information, but as far as first impressions go, what do you think of the K8?

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