JPJ collects over RM2m from KFC number plate series

Number plate followers would have known that a particularly tasty series was open for tender on February 13. We are of course talking about Kedah’s KFC series, which is a running sequence and not something the fast food giant specially ordered. The results were announced yesterday.

According to JPJ Kedah, they managed to collect a total of RM2,108,364 from the KFC series eBids and the purchase of receipts from bidders, which numbered 3,188 people. The highest winning bid was RM52,000 for “KFC 7”, slightly higher than the RM48,000 bids for “KFC 8” and “KFC 9”. Someone paid RM45,009 for “KFC 3”.

That’s a lot of money for chicken, which is a price-controlled item in Malaysia. By the way, the Kedah football team’s initials is not KFC but KFA; that recent series raked in over RM1.2 million for the JPJ. Doesn’t come anywhere close to the RM4.8 million they accepted from all the guys named KEN though – that one earned the department over RM4.8 million in 2018.

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