Geely KX11 revealed in leaked pix; specs confirm 2.0T

Geely’s new flagship SUV, the KX11, has already been revealed in a few shadowy images, but China’s Auto Market Online has published some leaked photos that give us a better (if slightly low-resolution) look. The seven-seater crossover will ride on the Compact Modular Platform (CMA) jointly developed with Volvo, which also underpins the Xingyue, Xingrui/Preface and Volvo XC40.

But doesn’t the Chinese carmaker already have a three-row crossover in its lineup, you ask? Yes, but the Haoyue/Okavango is based on the Jiaji MPV and is thus cheaper to build, making it particularly suited for developing markets in regions such as Southeast Asia. One notable difference is that the KX11 is likely to ride on independent rear suspension, whereas the Haoyue utilises a more rudimentary torsion beam.

The KX11’s more upmarket nature is reflected in the exterior styling, which cribs more than a few design cues from the Xingrui. The signature “expanding cosmos” grille has been, ahem, expanded towards the edges, making space for a set of vertical slats. Framing this grille are the slim L-shaped headlights and a bone-shaped air intake that is mostly shielded by horizontal slats, enhanced by some tasteful chrome trim.

Also like the Xingrui, the KX11’s shoulder line runs straight from head- to taillight, dispensing with Geely’s hitherto trademark front fender bulge. The squared-off arches hide wheel sizes that range from 18 to a whopping 20 inches in diameter. The rear end bears some striking similarities to the Audi Q8, with angular full-width taillights and a large diffuser, albeit without the fake exhaust tips.

The publication also revealed some specifications to go with the pix. Despite being essentially a more conventional SUV version of the coupé-style Xingyue, the KX11 is quite a bit larger, with a length of 4,770 mm, a width of 1,895 mm, a height of 1,689 mm and a wheelbase of 2,845 mm.

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Notably, even though the last figure is longer than the Haoyue’s, the overall length is actually some ways shorter. Auto Market Online says these numbers are for the five-seater model, so perhaps the seven-seater will have a longer rear overhang.

According to the report, the KX11 will be available with the Xingyue’s 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine in two states of tune – 215 hp and 235 hp – and with an Aisin eight-speed automatic gearbox. Also expected is a 1.5 litre turbo three-pot as a base model.

Of course, with every new Geely comes speculation of whether it will arrive in Malaysia as a Proton, though given our market’s price-sensitive nature, we’d wager that the Haoyue is a more likely bet. But over to you now – would you prefer a “Proton-ised” Haoyue or KX11 (taking to account the higher theoretical price of the latter)? Sound off in the comments after the jump.

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