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And just like that, 2020 has come and gone. Unfortunately, the stay-at-home directive has reduced the grind almost exclusively to our respective desks (for us writers, at least), and there was not much else to do but bide the time.

Nevertheless, we did what we could despite the constraints, and racked up a combined 25 million views from all the videos released last year. That’s a slight drop from the 29 million views we achieved in 2019, but that’s largely due to the MCO period from March to May, and then the CMCO phase later in October to November. So without further ado, here are our top 10 most popular videos for 2020 – the numbers are combined from both our YouTube and Facebook pages.

10. FIRST DRIVE: 2020 Honda Accord 1.5 TC-P review240k views

The 10th-generation Honda Accord took its time to reach Malaysian shores, but it didn’t take long for it to be the top-selling D-segment sedan (as of August 2020), commanding 40% of the segment’s share. It’s locally assembled in Pegoh, comes equipped with a 1.5 litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, and gets Honda Sensing as well. Is it still the most popular D-segment sedan right now? Yeah, probably.

9. QUICK LOOK: 2020 Honda HR-V RS with dark brown interior244k views

The ninth most popular video happens to feature another Honda model. As it turns out, people actually fancied the HR-V with the more elegant brown leather interior – I know I do. The contrast colour is found on the leather seats, centre console and the entire dashboard panel facing the occupants. The coverage area is rather comprehensive, and the armrests on the doors are also covered by the brown leather. There’s also brown stitching on the black sections of the door cards. Nice.

8. FIRST LOOK: 2020 Honda Civic facelift with Sensing in Malaysia254k views

It’s clear by now that Malaysians have an unshakable affinity for the Honda brand, and this here is the darling of them all – the Honda Civic FC. This was also among the last few videos we shot before the world flipped on its head. Thanks, Covid!. Anyway, the facelifted Civic line-up features an even better equipment list, and comes with a much sleeker 18-inch dark alloy wheels for the range-topping model. You may watch our review of it here, a video which garnered approximately 209k views.

7. FIRST LOOK: 2020 Perodua Bezza facelift257k views

Lebih padu was the term Perodua used to describe the Bezza facelift at its launch. Seeing as the A-segment sedan broke our all-time record for the most read story here on, it’s hardly surprising to see the updated model featured here once again. The updates done to the Bezza were welcoming – the top model features LED headlights, as well as Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 2.0. Thanks for putting such high emphasis on safety, P2!

6. FIRST LOOK: 2020 Honda City 1.5 S, E, V and RS Hybrid257k views

The world as we know it wouldn’t be the same had the fifth-generation Honda City not make the cut. The CKD B-segment sedan was officially launched in October, albeit in the regular, non-hybrid guises. Prices for the S, E, and V variants range from RM74k to RM87k, which are lower than the previous generation model despite having higher specs. The range-topping i-MMD Hybrid model, meanwhile, will be launched soon. Not too long a wait, now.

5. Proton X50 spec-by-spec breakdown370k views

2020 was the year of the Proton X50. For some, the wait is far from over, but if you’ve recently taken possession of the B-segment SUV (like Hafriz Shah did), then congratulations! If you’re still on the fence about which variant to get, then our spec-by-spec breakdown video is one you shouldn’t miss.

4. FIRST DRIVE: Proton X70 CKD379k views

With his plate constantly full, our man Hafriz Shah rarely has the time to do a full fat written review. But when he does, it’s usually a captivating read, and the depth of those reviews can stretch close to 90 minutes when presented in a video format. Suffice to say, if you’re seriously considering to buy the best-selling C-segment SUV in Malaysia, you’ll want to watch the video above. And if you’re feeling it, maybe treat yourself to his flair for words, too.

3. QUICK DRIVE: 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo in Malaysia387k views

Edaran Tan Chong Motor dropped a veritable bombshell in the guise of the Nissan Almera last year, featuring a turbocharged engine and AEB as standard for the first time. The new B-segment sedan also wears a far sleeker suit than its predecessor, and it’s hard not to be impressed with the overall package. There’s a lot to like here, so if you’re planning to buy your first or second car, this one is truly worthy of your consideration.

2. FIRST LOOK: Proton X50 ‘Bumblebee’ – viral SUV with over RM50k worth of modifications416k views

What’s better than finally getting your hands on a brand new Proton X50? Modifying it, of course! In the case of this Bumblebee, its owner Lee had spent the better part of RM50,000 on performance and aesthetic upgrades. The end result of this warranty-voiding spending spree is an SUV that really stands out from the rest, and the bright yellow colour seems to be a rather suitable match as well. You’ll want to check this out for sure, we promise it’s worth the time. Say, what else have you done to the car, Lee?

1. 2020 Proton X50 1.5TGDi Flagship – full exterior and interior walk-around670k views

Unsurprisingly, the X50’s debut video was the most viewed one for 2020. We’ll preface this by saying that the X50 alone received over 11.5 million hits on our website, so the hype was very, very real. You would have known pretty much everything there is to know about the SUV right now, but if you’re only beginning to do your research now, feel free to browse through our extensive material, here.

Alternatively, you may watch our incisive, hour-long video review of the X50. We weren’t kidding when we said Hafriz could do a 90-minute review. One hour may seem like a tough commitment, but so is spending over RM100k on a whim. Watch it, you’ll learn a lot from someone who actually owns the SUV. The review video has since fetched just over 220k views.

So there you have it, folks. We’d like to thank all of you, our beloved readers and viewers, for making the blood, sweat and sunburn we’ve endured worthwhile. We hope to bring you even more exciting content going into 2021, so if you have any comments on some of the things you feel we need improving, please post those suggestions below. Happy New Year, and we hope to see all your faces – in real life – soon!

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