TKKR Racing’s Moto 3 Y15ZR prototype takes shape

It is said racing is the mother of invention, and Malaysian motorcycle racing team TKKR Racing’s Moto 3 Y15ZR prototype seems to prove the point. Taking the favourite of the kapchai riders, the Yamaha Y15ZR, TKKR Racing has modified the frame and clad it in a race fairing.

Along with a suitably modified engine, the TKKR Racing Moto 3 Y15ZR prototype serves to prove two points – one, it is not necessary to go the Kalex MiniGP bike route to advance through the racing categories and, two, Malaysian engineering and ingenuity is capable of performing at the regional and international stage.

Developed and built in its facility in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan which includes a complete racing laboratory and dyne-testing, the TKKR Racing prototype takes a Yamaha Y15ZR frame and hacks it, retaining only the headstock and front frame section. The rear subframe is replaced with a removable sub-frame in aircraft-grade aluminium and a Rapido swingarm, designed for the Y15ZR, is installed, along with upper cross-bracing for the steering head.

Moto 3 style bodywork is installed, and as explained to during a visit to the engineering shop, a ram air system is being installed. As things are still in the prototype stage, finishing work is necessarily rough, but everything is on track for a shakedown test at Sepang later this month, says TKKR Racing team principal Bobie Farid Shamsudin.

“We have bored out the engine to 200 cc, and also have plans to do the same to a Honda RS150R. We are still working through some of the engineering and future plans includes things like adjustable steering head angle and perhaps Motec engine management,” said Bobie. Currently, the prototype sits as a mockup, with dimensioning and positioning of body and tank about to proceed.

“The plan is to get everything ready for testing and we shall see what has to be improved or modified. Dimensionally, the prototype is identical to a Moto 3 bike, in terms of wheelbase, and we have gotten rid of much of the excess weight,” Bobie added. The front suspension uses upside-forks from a Yamaha YZF-R15, with adjustability achieved using drop-in cartridges and different springs.

TKKR Racing was found by Bobie back in 2016, and came on the Malaysian racing scene in 2017. Since then, the team has competed regionally, including in the Petronas Cub Prix and Asian Road Racing Championship, competing with Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman in the ASB1000 class, winning the championship in 2019, while also campaigning in Moto 2 with riders Remy Garder and Malaysian Kasma Daniel as well as the CEV European Championship.

What do you think? A prime example of Malaysian racing engineering ingenuity or pie-in-the-sky dream? Leave your thoughts an opinions in the comments section below. As for us, an invitation has been extended to participate in the first track test and we will come back with more feedback on this racing machine then.

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