BMW Malaysia updates price list – cheaper with two-year warranty; 218i, X1 under RM200k, 320i RM227k

BMW Malaysia has just announced a new price list to go along with its move to offer extended warranty and service packages as separate cost options. Starting January 1, 2021, all new BMW and MINI models will now come with a standard two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, with lower prices to go along with it. The previous five-year warranty and servicing (as offered before) is still available, but now as cost options.

With the standard two-year warranty, prices are lower across the board, ranging from between RM12,190 for the 218i Gran Coupé and M135i, to RM44,560 for the M8 Coupé and Gran Coupé. The reduction for each model matches the price of the optional five-year warranty and service package, so opting for the extended coverage brings it back to the original price again.

Let’s take the most affordable BMW model as an example. The F48 X1 sDrive18i with the standard two-year warranty now retails for RM194,738 (with SST exemption included, effective until June 30, 2021), which is RM13,630 cheaper than before. If you want the five-year warranty with free service package, you’ll have to top up exactly that, therefore bringing the price up to parity.

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The move also makes the 218i Gran Coupé effectively cheaper, moving from RM211,367 (with five-year warranty and service) to under the magic RM200k mark, at RM199,177 (with standard two-year warranty). Likewise, the most affordable 3 Series is now priced at RM226,763.65, down from RM239,883.65. Prefer to have the extended coverage? Opt for the optional package, and pay the same as before. No more, no less.

In essence, the extended warranty plus free service package has simply been made optional – there is no price increase here, and you’re not getting short-changed either. Let’s just say this is one way to broaden the brand’s appeal here in Malaysia. After all, wouldn’t a sub-RM200k BMW tickle your fancy?

While everyone loves the idea of a cheaper BMW, we would think that added peace of mind is not worth sacrificing. You may, of course, choose to purchase the extended warranty package separately at any point throughout the first two years of ownership, or even pass the cost on to the next owner if you plan to drive it for less than that. Resale value down the line may also take a hit if the standard warranty expires (nearly-new BMW with no warranty, no way), but you’ll also have to balance it out with the extra cost of extending it.

So, what do you think? Pay less for a shorter warranty coverage, or pay the same as before for extra peace of mind? How would you go about this? Let us know, below.

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