AD: Carsome’s CNY Triple Happiness – buy a used car online with peace of mind, extra discounts, cashback

The used car market is a booming one, with many considering pre-owned vehicles to get a better car than otherwise possible for a given budget. However, it’s a minefield out there, and the sheer amount of choice can be daunting. A car might look good, but undetected issues can lead to problems down the line. Peace of mind is not a given when it comes to buying pre-owned.

There are ways around it. You might know Carsome as the company that buys cars from the public to move them on to used car dealers, but since last year, Carsome has been also retailing the cars that it takes in, direct to the customer. It’s not just another second-hand car dealer though, with its Carsome Promise addressing the main consumer concern when it comes to used cars.

The Carsome Promise marks all cars as Carsome Certified, starting off with a 175-point inspection, the same thorough one Carsome uses when purchasing your car for resale. This inspection ensures that all cars have not been in major accidents, and do not have structural or flood damage. No car is perfect, so minor flaws will be detailed in the Feature & Specs section of the particular car’s page for transparency.

To put their money where their inspection is, the Carsome Promise includes a 1-year extended warranty for its cars, and even a 5-day money-back guarantee. That’s right, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can swap to another car or get your money back within a five-day period. Now that’s really standing by their promise of quality.

In line with the new normal of today, customers can browse cars online and book a car that they like from the comfort of their homes. A test drive can be arranged for later, where Carsome will bring the car to your doorstep for a test drive. The previous arrangement to browse online and book physically at the Carsome Experience Center is still available. However, booking online is a convenience that fits in well with the times.

With peace of mind sorted by the Carsome Promise, one can focus on the savings on hand. In addition to the great pre-owned deals available on the platform, Carsome is currently having a CNY Triple Happiness campaign where you’ll get the triple joys of Extra Discount, Bonus Cashback and a Free Warranty Upgrade.

From now till February 24, 2020, selected Carsome Promise cars will be offered with an extra discount ranging from RM588 to RM3,888. On top of the markdown prices, the cars will come with extra cashback in the form of Touch n Go e-Wallet credit – you’ll get anything from RM188 to RM588 in your account.

The “third happiness” is one that you will be able to enjoy over an extended period – all cars purchased during the campaign will receive a free warranty upgrade worth between RM599 to RM1,499, depending on the car’s engine size and age. This is on top of the standard 1-year warranty that’s part of the Carsome Promise.

If you’re one of those who trawl the Internet and e-shopping platforms for good deals, take note. You can purchase Carsome discount vouchers on Shopee and Lazada and stack them on top of the CNY Triple Happiness promotions. Purchase RM888 off discount vouchers for RM388, RM500 off discount voucher for RM88, and RM388 off discount vouchers for just RM8 from Carsome’s official store on Shopee and Lazada.

These special prices will be available for a limited time only. On Shopee, the discount vouchers will be available from February 2-9, plus every Saturday after February 9. On Lazada, you can purchase the vouchers every Wednesday in the month of February. Follow Carsome’s official store on Shopee and Lazada to get notified so that you don’t miss these dates!

So, if you’re in the market for a pre-owned car, why not take home some triple happiness as well and check out what Carsome has to offer on their official website, official store on Shopee, or official store on Lazada. Happy shopping!

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