Yamaha XSR900/MT-09/Tracer get Bottpower XR9 Carbona body kit – pricing starts from RM24,652

Many special motorcycles have come out of Yamaha’s Yard Built programme, where custom motorcycle builders and designers are let loose on Yamaha’s two-wheel products, specifically the Yamaha XSR900. While the Yard Built customs are one-off designs not intended for the mass market, with the XR9 Carbona by Bottpower, things have changed slightly.

Taking inspiration from the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, where Bottpower specials won two race categories in 2017, the Bottpower XR9 Carbona was built using composites and 3D printing. “The XR9 Carbona is inspired by our Pikes Peak victories. With its strong torque and compact chassis, we realised that the CP3-powered Yamaha XSR900 was the ideal base for this dynamic new Yard Built special,” commented Bottpower manager David Sánchez.

Styling cues were taken from Yamaha’s R-series sports bikes, notably the Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R6, in the twin hidden headlights on either side of the XSR900. The design of the XR9 Carbona is heavily weighted to the front, with the rear end using a truncated flat-tracker seat clad in Alcantra leather.

According to Sanchez, the XR9 Carbona kit is designed to fit any current model Yamaha XSR900 or CP3 powered platform. This means the MT-09 and MT-09 Tracer, which share engine and chassis with the XSR900, will accommodate the XR9 Carbona dress up kit without the need for modifications to the frame.

The XR9 Carbona kit includes a fuel tank cover with integrated carbon fibre air intakes, carbon fibre seat and tail including alcantara saddle along with tail & signal lights. The kit also includes front number plate with integrated LED position lights, radiator covers with winglets, high/low beam headlights, licence plate holder, sprocket cover and belly pan.

Pricing for the Bottpower XR9 Carbona starts at 4,975 euros (RM24,652) for the XSR900 base kit, with the MT-09 option adding 450 euros to the price and orders can be made on Bottpower’s website. Selecting the various options, including the MT-09 along with Design 1 paintwork, painted front fender, license plate holder and sprocket cover brings the price up to 5,485 euros (RM27,181) excluding shipping and duties.

What do you think? RM24,652 is a lot of money to be asking for a motorcycle body kit over and above the donor bike, though it is made to a high standard using carbon-fibre. In Malaysia, the 2018 model year Yamaha MT-09 retails at a recommended price of RM47,388.

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