Perodua Myvi and Bezza imagined with GR styling

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The Toyota GR Yaris‘ arrival on the local scene has created quite a bit of a stir, with plenty of chatter surrounding the car over the past week. Given the rarity and price, not many will be able to get their hands on the purpose-built performance hatchback, nor may they want to (manual-only). What is certain is that there won’t be a shortage of boy racers wanting something along the lines of the car’s styling.

Last week, rendering maestro Theophilus Chin imagined how that particular look would shape up on the Toyota Raize and Perodua Axia, and now, he’s done the same for the Perodua Myvi and Bezza, which should undoubtedly provide inspiration to those wanting to emulate that look on their cars. Don’t be surprised to find GR-styled bodystyling kits popping up in the near future, especially for the Myvi.

As with the previous renderings, both cars come finished in a white exterior and with a front end that mimics the GR Yaris. The square-mouthed front bumper, complete with vertical side intakes, works especially well on the Bezza (plus points for the hood scoop), and the same can be said of the rear end treatment afforded to the car. The sharp-looking rear bumper and prominent diffuser help give the sedan’s rear better balance and a more organic looking stance. There’s plenty to like here.

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The GR-themed Myvi adopts the same approach, and while there’s no shortage of impact, it is arguably less visually dramatic than the Bezza. The heavily extended rear spoiler is a definite highlight, if you like your hatchbacks presented in such a manner. Like the GR Axia and Raize, the imaginary GR Myvi and Bezza are dressed with black roofs, twin tailpipes, multi-spoke black alloys and appropriate GR-badging. No red brake callipers on both though.

What do you think of the GR-styled Myvi and Bezza? Do they sport up the cars neatly, or does the styling on the Myvi GT and the Bezza with GearUp kit offer more visual presence and appeal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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