Mazda adds the RX-7 to its heritage parts programme

Mazda has expanded its heritage parts programme to include the venerable RX-7, with selected parts being offered for the second (FC) and third generations (FD) of the two-door sports car. The RX-7 is the second model to be part of the programme after the first-gen (NA) MX-5 roadster.

According to the Japanese carmaker, sales of the RX-7 parts will begin by February 2021, with 30 reprinted parts for the FC and 61 parts for the FD, with more set to be added on later. These can be ordered through official dealers in Japan, the same way as previous parts that have been continuously supplied. If you read Japanese or have a translation app handy, here’s the PDF containing a list of what will be made available.

Unlike the MX-5, Mazda doesn’t currently offer a restoration service for the RX-7, so existing owners will only be able to purchase parts for now.

Nonetheless, it’s certainly a nice thing that a manufacturer provides support for cars that have ceased production. Nissan also provides parts and restoration services through its Nismo division. Now, how much are RX-7s going for these days?

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