AD: NGK Spark Plugs – performance and durability to suit your NR-engined Toyota and Perodua vehicles

The engine is widely considered to be the heart of an automobile, and the spark plug is a key part of starting and keeping that pulse going, while also providing an avenue where performance can be improved.

Renowned spark plug manufacturer NGK first began its research and development programme for spark plug manufacture in Malaysia from 1970, and through NGK Spark Plugs Malaysia, the Japanese brand has been manufacturing spark plugs for the OEM and replacement markets in the country from 1974.

NGK Spark Plugs Malaysia began manufacturing in 1974, and has built a reputation for quality and reliability with state-of-the-art facilities across the country. Fast forward to the present day, and NGK has launched the Perfect Fits series of spark plugs specifically for Perodua and Toyota vehicles. The range is comprised of four options of spark plug to fit your expectation perfectly – G-Power, Iridium IX, Laser Iridium (OE equivalent) and Iridium Max.

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“Ever since the beginning of my career, NGK has never failed to meet my expectations when it comes to performance and reliability,” said Malaysian motorsports personality Leona Chin.

The first option is the G-Power platinum alloy spark plug, which is economical while providing shorter start times and quicker acceleration. This features a fine-tipped centre electrode and trapezoidal ground electrode to provide greater flame core expansion, thus offering a significant increase in ignitability and therefore beneficial to urban driving.

The second option is the Iridium IX, which features a fine-tipped centre electrode and taper-cut ground electrode, while the fine iridium tip on the centre electrode ensures durability and a consistently stable spark. Its two-stepped electrode with secondary micro-discharge burns off carbon deposits as they form, while its trivalent metal plating also has superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties.

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The third option is the Laser Iridium spark plug for OE equivalent applications. This version features a double precious metal composition of iridium and platinum surfaces, where the iridium centre electrode tip is laser-welded and the platinum disc is welded to the rear side of the ground electrode for a slow wear rate, thus ensuring a stable idle along with improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Rounding up the quartet here is the Iridium Max spark plug, which shares most of its performance characteristics of the Iridium IX. With a platinum tip and an iridium alloy centre electrode, the Iridium Max additionally boasts of even greater ignitability and therefore, is ranked the highest among the four for performance.

Best of all, these performance and efficiency characteristics are available for a range of Perodua and Toyota models. Across both car brands, these are compatible with the 1NR-VE 1.3 litre engine as well as the 2NR-VE and 2NR-FE 1.5 litre engines. For Perodua, these spark plugs fit the 1.3L Bezza, 1.3L and 1.5L Myvi and the Aruz, while for Toyota, these fit the 1.3L and 1.5L Avanza, Rush, Sienta, Vios and Yaris.

More variants, especially for applications in Toyota vehicles will be introduced in the near future. Keen to know more about the latest range of NGK spark plugs? Head on over to the official NGK Spark Plugs Malaysia website here, or check out its official Facebook page here.

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