Daigo Saito stuffs 1,000 hp 2JZ in the Toyota GR Yaris

Daigo Saito is at it again. Last time around, the top Japanese drifter took only around two months after the global unveiling of the Toyota GR Supra to stuff the legendary 2JZ-GTE engine into the A90. Now he’s done it again, squeezing the famous inline-six into the Toyota GR Yaris.

Yup, that monster engine into that little hatchback. To make way, Saito’s Fat Five Racing outfit either removed the G16E-GTS 1.6 litre turbocharged triple – which produces an astounding 272 PS and 370 Nm of torque from three cylinders – from the hot Yaris, or the M15A-FKS 1.5L Dynamic Force three-cylinder engine (120 PS/145 Nm) that powers the Japan-only base RS variant.

The RS spec car gets the wide-arched three-door body and double-wishbone rear suspension, but is FWD and has a CVT gearbox. Perhaps that was what the base car is for, a canvas for big mods.

In comes the famed six-pot, placed longitudinally and sending drive solely to the rear wheels. It clearly isn’t a straightforward fit, as the cut firewall shows. According to the ex-D1 champ, the engine you see here makes 1,000 hp, without elaborating. It’s probably tuned like the 2JZ in his A90 Supra, which has been stroked to 3.4 litres and given a giant single turbo from HKS.

As for the exterior, Fat Five Racing’s 2JZ GR Yaris sports the same bodykit as the recently-revealed GR Yaris HKS Concept, and that’s the Pandem Rocket Bunny widebody kit designed by Kei Miura from Tra-Kyoto. The monster hatch gets the Sunoco-Monster Energy livery seen on the firm’s Supra, and the wheels you see here are Work Emotion CR3P ELGs in green to match the Monster stickers.

From a WRC car for the road to a 1,000 hp pint sized drift beast – while mad, we kinda saw it coming. Will we ever get to see the GR Yaris in Malaysia? UMW Toyota Motor posted a photo of the GR Yaris on its Facebook page in July, and while there was no mention when, or if indeed it is coming, UMWT almost never posts anything about a Toyota that isn’t going to be sold here. Was it an early teaser? Fingers crossed. In any case, this very special car won’t be anywhere near affordable. More on the GR Yaris here.

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