F87 BMW M2 CS tuned by Dahler – 550 PS and 740 Nm

The F87 BMW M2 CS is a rather capable sports coupe in stock form, but tuning companies are always looking to extract just a little more performance wherever possible. One such company is Dahler, which has released a few upgrade options for the pint-sized M model to make it even more formidable (and scary).

From the factory, the M2 CS’ S55 3.0 litre twin-turbo straight-six outputs 450 PS (444 hp) and 550 Nm, which is plenty for most folk. However, with Dahler’s stage one tuning kit, those figures are increased to 520 PS (513 hp) and 700 Nm, exceeding what will be offered by the upcoming G80 M3 and G82 M4. To make sure all that added grunt has a purpose, the speed limiter is nullified so the car can get up to 302 km/h, or 42 km/h more than stock.

If these improvements are still to tame for your liking, there’s a stage two tune available that bumps things up to 550 PS (543 hp) and 740 Nm, also with the V-max limiter removed. Going this route puts the Dahler-tuned M2 CS within striking distance of the F90 M5, which offers 600 PS (591 hp) and 750 Nm from its larger S63 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8.

According to the company, these numbers are achieved by installing an Eventuri carbon-fibre intake that makes use of the Venturi effect to provide better performance and response, along with a new unique sound experience.

There’s also a bespoke stainless-steel, four-pipe exhaust system of its own design, with customers being able to choose between 90- or 100-mm diameter tailpipes. Other available options include coilover suspension, 20-inch “CDC1” forged lightweight wheels in two finishes (aluminium or gold), and for those who plan to hit the track, a roll cage and racing seats are also listed.

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