Mercedes-AMG shows off its new electric turbocharger

Electric turbochargers aren’t exactly new, as they have been used in Formula 1 cars for several years now. With benefits such as virtually no turbo lag and better efficiency, Mercedes-AMG has announced that it is in the final stages of equipping its next-generation cars with the technology.

Developed in partnership with Garrett Motion, the upcoming electric exhaust gas turbocharger is a little different compared to the electric auxiliary compressor used in lesser 53-badged cars like the E 53 4Matic+ and CLS53 4Matic+.

Instead of a separate compressor driven by an electric motor, which feeds air into the engine directly or the turbocharger, the new system uses a compact electric motor measuring about 4 cm that is integrated directly on the charger shaft.

This electronically controlled electric motor, which is placed between the turbine wheel on the exhaust side and the compressor wheel on the fresh air side, drives the compressor wheel before exhaust gasses spin up the turbine. The result is an even more immediate response from the engine and enables higher torque at low engine speeds for improved acceleration.

The company says the new turbocharger operates on a 48-volt electrical system, spins up to 170,000 rpm and can maintain boost pressure at all times (even when decelerating). To ensure optimum cooling, the turbo, electric motor and power electronics are connected to the combustion engine’s cooling circuit.

For now, it isn’t known which upcoming AMG model will benefit from the technology, although it is reported by Road & Track that the latest M139 2.0 litre mill found in the 45-badged cars might be an early adopter. With rumours indicating the V8 might no longer have a future in AMG’s line-up, an electric-turbocharged M139 might be the engine of choice in larger AMG models like the C 63 as well.

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